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First time Pass with Kev. When I started learning I was so nervous, but Kev has been the most amazing teacher and helped me battle all those nerves and pass my test first time. He has been encouraging, patient and made me feel very calm during my lessons. Kev keeps the lessons fun and professional and I couldn't be happier with the progress I made during his classes. Nearing my test Kev made sure that any skills or manoeuvre I felt unsure on were practised until I felt comfortable. Kev encouraged me to chose which skills I felt needed inproving during lessons which allowed me to build my confidence in not only those skills but my overall driving. With Kevs help, tips and confidence in me, I passed my test first time with only 4 faults! I would reccomend Kev to anyone, amazing teacher.
Bryony Shepherd,Instructor Kevin Hopps
Passed first time with Michael Harmer! I just passed my test first time with just 4 faults and I attribute all of it to the excellent teaching, advice, patience and encouragement of my instructor, Michael Harmer. I had wanted to learn how to drive since I was 17 when all of my other friends had passed and were driving. Finally I took the opportunity this year at the age of 23 and am so happy it’s finally happened. I would highly recommend Michael as your instructor if you’re looking to learn how to drive, thanks Michael, all the best!
Mark Deas,Instructor Michael Harmer
Passed first try because of Dean. At no point did I feel under too much pressure when I made mistakes and he made it clear how important lane discipline is on roundabouts. I've learnt a lot during my lessons here.
Marcus Sam,Instructor Dean Pidgeon
Passed with the best instructor Debra May. I was very nervous to start driving lessons but from the second I spoke to and met Debra she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She is an incredible driving instructor who built my confidence straight away and was always very patient and encouraging. I couldn't have passed without Debra and her constant support! I highly recommend her and am so grateful to have had her as my instructor.
Verity McCormick,Instructor Debra May
Geoff Crowe, Highly recommended instructor :) Thank you Geoff Crowe my brilliant driving instructor :) your patience and hard work has paid off, I've passed my test at the age of 54 :) yayyy! ☺️
Julie King,Instructor Geoff Crowe
Brilliant! After having a previous bad experience I decided to change instructors to Brian Johnston. He was patient and made me feel confident with my driving when I didn’t believe in myself. Would highly recommend!!
Eliza Brookes ,Instructor Brian Johnston
Passed my test first time thanks to Debbie. Thanks to Debbie I passed my driving test fist time with no minors! I was so nervous about starting driving but Debbie made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call all the way through to the day of my test. She always came prepared with a lesson plan and tried to push me whilst also making sure I felt comfortable. She is a brilliant driving instructor, very professional, as well as a lovely person. I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better driving instructor.
Adrienn Jung,Instructor Debra May
Libby is amazing and very chilled out. I have anxiety and need to feel comfortable around new people. From the first time I spoke to Libby on the phone I felt at ease. Each lesson went fast as I enjoyed my time in the car learning. Very professional every time. I would 100% recomend 1st Driving School. Amazing!
Scott Mitchell,Instructor Libby John
Great Driving School, great instructor: After failing my first driving test and having an extended break from lessons for a few years, I decided to start lessons again. Looking online I found a number of driving schools, but 1st Driving school offered some of the best rates that I could find, and I was able to start having lessons right away. The instructor that I got paired with was warm, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable about driving. I started lessons in mid January, and passed my test in early May. I found that lessons moved at my pace, with Roger (the instructor) usually asking what I wanted to focus on, or working on areas that I needed improvement on. All in all, I found that this driving school, and the instructor that I had, presented me with the relevant knowledge, and a calm environment to learn in. Definitely would recommend this school to anyone thinking about learning to drive.
Patrick Burke,Instructor Roger Fleming
Strongly recommended First Class Driving School: My instructors name Dave Berry, I found this driving school excellent in all areas from customer service to the instructor I chose. My instructor had many years experience which showed, as an instructor he was calm clear and honest from the off. He gave me a clear indication regarding amount of lessons required to get to test standard although I chose more than required or advised as it was great to build confidence and experience during lessons, I chose 2hour lessons each one except for one and all I can say is I couldn't have asked for more than I got from 1st Driving School. I passed first time. I took the instructor with me on the test and used instructors car for the test, proof was in the pudding as they say and I passed first time with two minor faults. Would recommend this firm to anyone from a learner or to a semi experienced learner as I was, Ten out of ten in all aspects thanks 1st Driving School.
Aaron Hawkins,Instructor Dave Berry
Absolutley amazing, 10/10 stars all round. Completed my driving test and passed it, I only had 2 minor faults. Dan was brilliant showing me and telling me how to get to know the car inside and out, hes a guy which you can have a good laugh with as you drive to make you feel more relaxed. Overal I would recommend if you are gonna learn to drive a car then go to Dan he has taken me through each step while making sure I am safe on the roads.
Wolf Johnson,Instructor Dan Evans
Best driving school, great service, very helpful and patient. Special thanks to instructor Kevin Hopps. Highly recommend!!!
Alex Baljak,Instructor Kevin Hopps
10/10 experience. The best instructor I could have. He was very patient with my learning curve and gave me lots of personalised tips to help me pick up certain attributes. Due to his vast experience, John Cooke was able to prepare me for any possible circumstance not only for the test but also for driving out in the real world. Definitely would recommend.
Yashwant Gurbani,Instructor John Cooke
Best interaction I've had with a driving instructor, Andre filled me with confidence and made me feel comfortable with driving, he was always on time and communicated brilliantly with me during lessons, I also passed first time which speaks for its self.
Jack Stratford,Instructor Andre Ogiste
Absolutely amazing!! After bouncing between driving instructors I got put in touch with Geoff Crowe, I can honestly say he’s amazing! He helps you every step of the way and always makes you feel at ease. I couldn't of been any happier. Thank you so much to Geoff and 1st Driving School.
Shannon Easton,Instructor Geoff Crowe
Amazing instructor! This driving school is brilliant, they have amazing driving instructors like I had Eric Machin to help me pass both theory and driving test for the first time! It’s amazing, it took a long way but it’s worth it at the end. He knew when I was ready to drive so they would know when you’re ready if you want to pass for the first time and I went and did it! All massive thank you to him, he’s a good listener, he’s calm and he will help you with anything! Thank you!
Liva Narvida,Instructor Eric Machin
Highly recommend: Had 10 lessons with Geoff and passed 1st time this time around, after having bad experiences elsewhere and a really low confidence level Geoff helped put me at ease and made me feel alot more positive about driving. Thankyou
Isabekka Swift,Instructor Geoff Crowe
I wanted to write a review for Roger Fleming who I recently passed my driving test first time with. I would have really struggled to do it without him. He's a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him for anyone to use.
Thomas Baxter,Instructor Roger Fleming
Fantastic instructor would highly recommend. I recently passed my test with Andre from 1st Driving School and I felt I had to leave a positive review. He was always on time and incredibly patient, he was very welcoming and was always interested in your regular life as well as the driving. It has been a pleasure learning to drive with him and I will never forget the positive experience I had learning with Andre.
Adam Pearson,Instructor Andre Ogiste
Amazing driving instructer: I cannot thank Roger Fleming enough! He is a brilliant driving instructor. When he first started teaching me I was extremely nervous and had no confidence when driving. Roger was always patient, friendly and encouraging which made me a lot more comfortable behind the wheel. I made a lot of mistakes due to my nerves, but Roger was always calm and supportive which helped me so much. He was always reliable and punctual, and he gave lots of great and helpful advice on learning how to drive. It did take me a while to gain confidence when driving, but I got there in the end and thanks to Roger I have passed my driving test! I would recommend 1st Driving School and Roger to anyone, terrific company and terrific driving instructer. Thank you Roger!
Amy Pegg,Instructor Roger Fleming
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dave and 1st Driving School for helping me to get my full licence and to pass first time round. Had been putting off my test for a long time because of exam nerves but with Dave's excellent instruction I was able to build the confidence and precision required to do well in the test. 1st Driving School has been miles ahead of the others I've tried and I would recommend Dave to friends and family as an instructor of the highest quality.
Leo Naylor,Instructor Dave Berry
Highly recommend 1st Driving School for the good services they provide. My driving Instructor Brian Johnson was always on time and he is great man. I highly recommend him for his experience and good instructions, he is flexible and friendly, I can only say thank you.
Moses Asiimwe,Instructor Brian Johnston
Kev is a Fantastic Instructor - honest, patient and 100% would recommend An excellent experience with Kev, he creates a brilliant learning environment. He's patient and more than happy to let you choose how the lesson goes, a down to earth and honest guy. Introducing his own tips and tricks into each lesson, Kev managed to attach real advice to catchy phrases which made them easier to remember. I enjoyed a relaxed environment, we were able to have a laugh but take it seriously when needed which set my mind at ease. In the run-up to my test date, Kev made sure that I was comfortable with my abilities and worked around the times and dates that I could attend lessons. Knowing that I had his full confidence made all the difference before, during and after my driving test. After a bad experiece with another instructor, Kev made learning to drive fun and gave me a little more faith in my abilities, boosting my confidence and overalll skill.
Charlie Worrall,Instructor Kevin Hopps
I highly recommend 1st Driving School, my instructor Roger was exceptional. He was patient and helped me with perfecting my driving skills. Because of him I passed first time, thanks Roger.
Amritprit Phagura,Instructor Roger Fleming
Amazing experience with 1st driving instructor Andy! I would highly recommend 1st Driving School to anyone starting, especially their instructor Andy! He was incredibly supportive and kind my entire time learning with him and after only 24 hours of learning I passed my test first try. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.
Kelsey Simpson,Instructor Andy Blain
Roger is a phenomenal instructor, he's friendly, patient and great at what he does. I've greatly grown in skill and confidence when it comes to driving thanks to his lessons, would definitely recommend.
Dan Smith,Instructor Roger Fleming