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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dave and 1st Driving School for helping me to get my full licence and to pass first time round. Had been putting off my test for a long time because of exam nerves but with Dave's excellent instruction I was able to build the confidence and precision required to do well in the test. 1st Driving School has been miles ahead of the others I've tried and I would recommend Dave to friends and family as an instructor of the highest quality.
Leo Naylor,Instructor Dave Berry
Highly recommend 1st Driving School for the good services they provide. My driving Instructor Brian Johnson was always on time and he is great man. I highly recommend him for his experience and good instructions, he is flexible and friendly, I can only say thank you.
Moses Asiimwe,Instructor Brian Johnston
Kev is a Fantastic Instructor - honest, patient and 100% would recommend An excellent experience with Kev, he creates a brilliant learning environment. He's patient and more than happy to let you choose how the lesson goes, a down to earth and honest guy. Introducing his own tips and tricks into each lesson, Kev managed to attach real advice to catchy phrases which made them easier to remember. I enjoyed a relaxed environment, we were able to have a laugh but take it seriously when needed which set my mind at ease. In the run-up to my test date, Kev made sure that I was comfortable with my abilities and worked around the times and dates that I could attend lessons. Knowing that I had his full confidence made all the difference before, during and after my driving test. After a bad experiece with another instructor, Kev made learning to drive fun and gave me a little more faith in my abilities, boosting my confidence and overalll skill.
Charlie Worrall,Instructor Kevin Hopps
I highly recommend 1st Driving School, my instructor Roger was exceptional. He was patient and helped me with perfecting my driving skills. Because of him I passed first time, thanks Roger.
Amritprit Phagura,Instructor Roger Fleming
Amazing experience with 1st driving instructor Andy! I would highly recommend 1st Driving School to anyone starting, especially their instructor Andy! He was incredibly supportive and kind my entire time learning with him and after only 24 hours of learning I passed my test first try. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.
Kelsey Simpson,Instructor Andy Blain
Roger is a phenomenal instructor, he's friendly, patient and great at what he does. I've greatly grown in skill and confidence when it comes to driving thanks to his lessons, would definitely recommend.
Dan Smith,Instructor Roger Fleming
Excellent service from Eric who was my driving instructor. I passed today first time and couldn't have done it without such a great driving instructor. Thank you Eric you’re a diamond :)
Samantha Smith,Instructor Eric Machin
My instructor Kev was brilliant. He was very patient and helpful and has lots of good driving tips, he would explain clearly when I made a mistake and tell me how I could improve after every lesson, he believed in me right from the very start and thanks to all of his hardwork and effort to make my driving better I managed to pass my test first time. Thankyou so much! I would highly recommend Kev!
Holly Branford,Instructor Kevin Hopps
Dean delivered a high quality driving experience remaining calm and explained very clearly when I made a mistake, I passed with 0 minors after 5 months.
Saul Riley,Instructor Dean Pidgeon
I Finally Passed! Kevin Hopps, Brilliant Instructor. My name is Kira, My instructor was Kevin Hopps. Kev was recommended to me. After many years (3) with failed instructors who were trying to get as much money from me as possible; continuous cancelling lessons with me on the day or the night before. Kevin took me on at a really difficult time. I already had a test booked when he took me on. Kevin Taught me to have confidence in myself and that taking your time with manoeuvres is okay. He taught me to parallel park, bay park and sat-nav drive. All of which I had previously been taught but not in a very good way. Kev took his time to get to know me and explain things to me in a way that I would understand. He teaches with care and support. Like a brilliant instructor should. I would 1000% recommend Kevin to any of my friends and family. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to get me through my test. Would love to say a huge thank you to Kevin for getting me through what had been a difficult 3 years of driving.
Kira Hallam,Instructor Kevin Hopps
When I was younger I'd had some driving lessons with a couple of different schools in Nottingham. I'd been let down by instructors who cancelled last minute or only planned lessons once every few weeks, so I eventually gave up on learning to drive. In March this year I found instructor Kevin Hopps, and I am so grateful for that! Kev is really encouraging, confident and cares a lot about the job, we also had a right laugh on our lessons which made learning a really enjoyable experience. Our weekly lessons were always scheduled and once my test date got near, Kev was flexible and made time for extra lessons in the weekday evenings since I work full-time. Thanks to Kev I was able to pass my test first time after 4 months of lessons! Really pleased and I hope to be back for some motorway tutoring! Rock on Kev! :)
Natalie Scott,Instructor Kevin Hopps
Today I passed on my second attempt and was trained by the most wonderful instructor Roger Fleming. It has been a pleasure to be teached by him he makes you feel so relaxed and he will go with a plan of how your feeling but I can guarantee every single lesson you will learn something new or recap the things your not sure on, he always asks what you do when you get in the car. He will make sure he fits you in what best fits your lifestyle so if your a busy working women/man he will work round you he has no problem with it at all. Nothing is to much for him and he will make sure your trained to the best of your ability.
Emily Law,Instructor Roger Fleming
Dean was a really great instructor, was calm and patient, and explained in a way that was easy to understand. I passed with 4 minors in roughly 4 months. Would highly recommend Dean!
Aimee Rohrer,Instructor Dean Pidgeon
Throughout my time learning to drive Adiel had consistently delivered an excellent approach to driving instruction by being patient, fully supportive, genuine and willing to adapt to my individual pace of learning. It is these aspects that ultimately led me to pass my driving test first time - a feat that wouldn't have been possible without Adiel! I therefore would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective future drivers!
Jason Monks,Instructor Adiel Khan
Dave Berry is a great driving instructor! Helped me to get where i needed to be to pass my test, no stress and very calm instructor fees were great too.
Chris Wright,Instructor Dave Berry
Incredible instructor who I would deffo recommend. He is passionate about getting you passed and has a genuine care.
Laweza,Instructor Adiel Khan
Was a very good experience with 1st driving school. Very happy, Debbie was such a good instructor and I really appreciate everything she did to help me. Passed my test first time. Highly recommend 1st Driving School
Elle Peach,Debra May
I've bean with a hand full of driving instructors and I thought they where ok until I started my lessons with Adiel Khan. My instructor took his time to focus on not just driving but also working on my weaknesses. I had 6 lessons and now I've passed I owe it all to these, thanks a lot.
Luke Matthews,Instructor Adiel Khan
5 star driving instructor. I Passed my test the second time thanks to Eric Machin, was really patient with me, was always on time, never lost his temper when I did anything wrong would definitely recommend to friends and family brilliant driving instructor 5 stars.
Stephen Witton
Excellent and enjoyable. My driving instructor Kev was excellent. He was extremely patient and helpful with his honest appraisal after each lesson, he was also very easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend him as he made learning to drive very enjoyable.
Emily Feek
My driving instructor Adiel really helped me become a safer driver. In this way the lessons were really valuable beyond the question of passing the test. I thank Adiel for his supportive and constructive manner of teaching.
Pawas Bisht,Instructor Adiel Khan
1st Driving School is a great and affordable, easy to use site for booking your driving lessons! Adiel was a fantastic driving instructor who had great attention to detail while teaching and filled me with confidence and passion to be a great and safe driver.
Thomas Stone,Instructor Adiel Khan
I passed with my test with Dean Pidgeon. He was always on time, really calm and a brilliant driving instructor. Thanks Dean as you made learning to drive a brilliant experience. Many thanks, Connor
Connor Lane
After having a few lessons with Roger I soon realised how much of a nice and professional instructor he is. He is excellent at what he does and he really is a nice guy. I couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor . I would highly recommend Roger as an instructor.
Caine Edwards
Just to say a huge thank you as I passed my test first time with Robert Parker, he’s amazing. Thanks 1st Driving School
John Hemsell
I have passed first time with Mark Reveley because he was so patient, friendly and very helpful even when you make a mistake. He doesn't get angry or impatient when you keep doing something wrong. For me, it was a tough decision finding a good instructor but I found the best I could. I can only recommend him for anyone who is looking for an instructor, you wont regret it.
Roland Hantosi